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Before I ever used, I spent a lot of time researching essay writing companies online. I needed help with my writing projects, but I didn't want to trust just any company to do it. A lot of the websites I came across just felt sketchy. And a lot of essay writing companies had bad reviews from customers.

That's when I came across

As soon as I landed on their website, I noticed how different they were. Their site looked professional. The content was well-written, and the company had a great track record. They've been in business since 1997, and they claim to have served thousands of customers around the world.

Of course, I still had to ask myself the question “Is legit?” The only way to find out was to take a chance and use their services.

I decided to try them out first with one of my smaller assignments. It was an 800-word essay on childhood obesity for one of my Health classes. They sent the paper back well before my due date, and I was pleased with what I read when I reviewed it. I was even more pleased when I turned the essay in and received an A on it. The teacher said it was one of the best essays she had read all semester.

So, I decided to use Best Essays again. And again. And again.

Look, I know that every customer's experience is different, but speaking from my personal experience, Best Essays offers great service. I certain believe is legitimate.

Here are a few of the reasons is legitimate:

  • *They have offices in the United States---*This was really important to me. I didn't want to deal with a company located overseas. Knowing that Best Essay was here in the US was comforting.
  • *They offer great 24/7 customer support---*I haven't yet had to use their customer support, but they say that they offer 24/7 support over email, phone, and online chat.
  • *Their writers have professional experience and top degrees---*Supposedly, every Best Essay writer has to pass a rigorous entrance exam and must possess a PhD or MA.

So, is legit? I certainly believe so.

--Kevin Trammel

Pikes Peak Community College